The most advanced content platform for cinemas

Viewmax Entertainment brings premium movies and shows from within and beyond Africa directly to your cinema anywhere across Africa.

viewmax technologies africa

Access Movies From Anywhere

Viewmax provides movies to cinemas located in any location across Africa.

Experience 4K movies from top distributors and producers in your cinema.

Let your audience experience the very best of African and foreign content from around the world.

Easy System Setup

Viewmax Cinema Systems can be easily installed and integrated into your new and existing cinemas.

Connect your Audio/Visual equipment to the Viewmax Cinema System seamlessly. Offer your audience the best of 4K movies with Surround Sound audio quality.

Fast installation and 24/7 technical support.

viewmax technologies africa
viewmax technologies africa

Exciting App for ticketing and much more

Movie ticketing and booking experience just got simpler on the Viewmax App.

Your customers can easily find your cinema's location on the Viewmax app to book and buy movie tickets on our app convieniently. Anywhere. Anytime.

Onboard Your Cinema

viewmax technologies africa

Get Viewmax License

viewmax technologies africa
viewmax technologies africa

Viewmax Installed
In Your Cinema

viewmax technologies africa
viewmax technologies africa



Community cinema must be within customers walking distance for convienience.

Community cinema must have a minimum of 50-seats capacity.

Cinema may be located in estates, tertiary institutions or residential communities.

Sound and Visual (Projector) Equipment installed in cinema.

Explore Possibilities

Power your cinema with Viewmax digital systems today to enjoy the very best of African Entertainment in your cinema. We eliminate the challenges associated with lauching and running your successful cinema brand anywhere across Africa.

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Available across Africa

* Continent-Wide Delivery

* Viewmax Receiver Unit Provided Under License

viewmax technologies africa

"Viewmax helped me realize my dream of running a successful cinema in my community. I do not worry about giving my cutomers the best quality movie experience."

-Peter Linu

South Africa

viewmax technologies africa

"My biggest worry was not having my cinema seats filled. Now I have no worries attracting new audiences and selling more tickets thanks to Viewmax"

-Musa Abdullahi